Our R&D credentials

Research and development is a core part of SYR’s business and what sets us apart from others in the market. This was recognised in 2002 when we were awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise and Innovation - the only time a cleaning company has won the Queen’s Award.

Products are designed at the company’s global headquarters near Birmingham to fit specific needs in the cleaning industry. Over the years we have introduced, among other products:

  • ergonomic mopping
  • the Interchange handle to fit a wide range of products that eliminates the need for a cupboard full of handles
  • SYRSorb, the super absorbent spun lace, non-woven mophead

We are now working on a pan-European, EU funded project to develop a system using UV to react with titanium coated ultra-microfibre fabric to kill all harmful micro-organisms without the need for chemical disinfectant, in hospital wards.

Working closely with customers who trial our products, we design solutions to age-old faults in manual cleaning, namely:

  • Cleaning with water that becomes dirty
  • Cleaning with dirty mopheads
  • Slip-fall danger
  • Misuse of chemical
  • Over-use of water

The work continues...