The Black Country Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is a major provider of mental health and learning disability services to people of all ages and was created from the amalgamation of mental health, learning disabilities and children’s services from Wolverhampton, Walsall, Sandwell and Dudley.

The Trust has 75 sites, some of which have been fully refurbished, and although there is no acute care, choice of cleaning equipment for mental health has its own particular issues, such as no wires or sharp fittings being allowed.
In common with other healthcare sites, premises are in use by patients and the public during the day so minimum moisture and minimum chemical cleaning are essential.
The major issue being faced was that each of the services which had been amalgamated had its own particular cleaning methods and equipment, which was not efficient or cost-effective. The decision was made to standardise systems and methods across the Trust, while restructuring the work to provide a 12-hour service, depending on the facility.

SYR initially provided equipment and new solutions for trial at The Lighthouse, the Trust's sector-leading resource hub for people with dementia, in West Bromwich. Based on quality, ease of use, outcomes from trials and with support from infection control, the decision was made to specify SYR chemicals, trolleys, high-level equipment, dust control, disposable mops, buckets, Rapid Mop and Spraygee for the entire Trust.
Keys factors were:
Ability of Filtakleen to keep water clean, saving time, money, chemical and water
Built-in portion control pods on Bulldog buckets makes accurate dosing foolproof
Interchange handle fits disposable medical mops along with other equipment, ending the need for multiple handles
Colour coding of chemicals makes correct selection simple

Handling the roll-out
A major roll-out to around 180 cleaners across 75 sites requires extensive support from SYR. This was achieved by:
A training day at SYR for managers from facilities, nursing and estates in the Trust
Five days of on-site training by SYR’s healthcare manager and Taskforce members for supervisors
Supervisors were then equipped to train their cleaning staff
SYR provided training videos and support literature including posters and leaflets, tailored for each site’s needs
On-going support from Taskforce

Alison Potts - Housekeeping Manager at The Lighthouse:
“It ticked every single box for cost saving, infection prevention and manual handling.
“One lot of solution can be used to clean a much bigger area, and you don’t have to keep emptying and refilling the bucket.
“One thing I loved with SYR is that it never mattered if you had one bottle of solution or a million, you get exactly the same level of customer service. And SYR is continually progressing.”