Park Mount Care Home is a purpose-built facility in Macclesfield with 35 single en suite rooms and one double en suite. It underwent a complete refurbishment costing £1m in 2011-12.

Cleaning issues 
Non-slip flooring in all the wet rooms 
Non-slip vinyl  
Build-up of dirt was making the safety flooring look ‘mucky’.

Two Ultimate systems per storey, colour coded
Full training given to cleaning operatives
Ultimate cleans the mophead during the cleaning shift so it gives a better clean, while flocculating chemicals keep the water cleaner too.

Andrew O’Hara, Home Manager:
“The floors are now absolutely brilliant; every time they are cleaned it’s like a brand new floor.
“The cleaners were all trained with the system and they are finding it a lot easier. They are managing to not have to change the water because it is staying really clean.
“There was a build-up of dirt on the safety flooring but with this system it’s no problem. I’d highly recommend this to everybody.”