Interserve employs over 75,000 people worldwide.

The Bridges shopping centre, Sunderland

At 551,000 sq ft, The Bridges is the prime shopping destination for Sunderland with over 100 shops and places to eat. The city is the second largest in the north east of England and The Bridges attracts over 21 million customer visits a year. It is cleaned by Interserve.

Requirements Cleaners need to respond quickly to any spillages or incidents
The floor must be left dry, with minimum moisture used
Floors are susceptible to scuff marks
Windows and other glass surfaces quickly gather finger marks


Spraygee is used to keep glass sparkling clean throughout the day; with a fine spray delivering the fluid only where it is needed, there is no need to worry about water dripping and causing a hazard. Glass is kept smear-free. Rapid Mop is used on floors, to deal quickly with spillages leaving the floor clean and dry.

Filtakleen chemical is used to dose the water in mopping combos. Water remains cleaner for much longer so it is not changed so frequently, and dirty water is not being put back on to the floor by the mophead, giving a much improved clean.

FeedbackRay Craig, cleaning contract manager:
“I like the quality of the microfibre head on Rapid Mop – it seems much better than anything similar.
“It has a good reservoir and leaves the floors very clean. The cleaners used to have to take a squeezy bottle of water with them but it has saved on all that. Rapid Mop is really good for getting black marks off the floor. It’s also much easier to get into places.
“The flocculating solution we have found to be very good. We can now get down a whole stairwell without changing the water. “The difference in the cleanliness in the floor from day one was significant. Previously cleaners were just spreading the dirt around – it was a massive improvement.”

Gary Byart, national ops director, Interserve:
“Customers like the flocculation process of Filtakleen, and that they can see the visual difference. They like the fact that with daytime cleaning, the cleaner is not being seen to put a mop into a bucket of dirty water. It also cuts the time spent changing the water.”