Exclusive Contract Services provides top-class cleaning services in the retail sector including supermarkets and distribution centres; leisure providers including cinemas; education and commercial sectors.

Exclusive was tasked with cleaning the development centre of a leading supermarket chain.
It included:
Cleaning Formica walls
Cleaning tiles in the toilets
High level cleaning

In both instances, SYR’s Pole Spraygee provided the solution. 
It extends up to 14 ft
Specially formulated cleaning solution is pumped to where it is needed thanks to a battery that will last for up to a 12-hour shift
Lightweight and ergonomic, it places no stress or strain on the arms or shoulders

Alf Gardner, supervisor, Exclusive:
“It’s really handy – we have got Formica walls and it is ideal for them.
“We also use it for cleaning the high tiles in the toilets. We used to have to get a stepladder and clean from the top to the bottom, but now the cleaners can do the bottom tiles and I go in and use Spraygee at the top. Because it doesn’t leave water running down the tiles, it is ideal.”