Cityserve Birmingham provides facilities management services to around 230 schools in the city.

In March 2015 a new organisational structure was introduced and the decision taken to modernise and standardise cleaning across the schools. Cityserve wished to take advantage of innovations in the cleaning industry and move away from traditional metal buckets and dolly mops.
Colour coding to be introduced.
Up to 1,000 cleaners working across the city needed to be trained in new procedures.
A phased roll-out was required across the sites.

Cityserve moved to an SYR microfibre flat mopping system, utilising colour coding and BICSc standards.
SYR worked closely with Cityserve to plan bespoke training over four days across 15 venues. It involved tailor-made videos, handouts and practical training. The training had been fine-tuned at meetings with client managers to meet Cityserve’s specific needs.
Training covered colour coding, correct use of equipment, cleaning procedures and use of PPE.
A six-week equipment roll-out was co-ordinated.

Lucy Haddon, Cityserve training and development specialist:
“Changing to a flat mopping system will enable Cityserve staff to have the tools to become a more efficient and productive workforce. With these changes in place, the time they will save will enable staff to concentrate on others areas of cleaning within the schools and help to achieve a more thorough, quality service.
“Our client managers attended a training session at SYR to gain a level of competence in using the new flat mopping systems. We had a fantastic day and all of the client managers walked away saying they had a lot more of an understanding of the new cleaning products and colour coding.”