Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust delivers over 100 clinical services in over 400 hospitals, health centres and clinics.

1. West Midlands Rehabilitation Unit, Selly Oak
Works with amputees and people who have suffered head injuries
Seven treatment rooms with non-slip safety flooring

Because of the type of patient, floors cannot be slippy
They are cleaned five times a week
A floor scrubber is used once a week
Floors cannot be polished for safety reasons
Plaster is used in some treatment rooms which can take several attempts to clean up
Infection control team concluded that a steam cleaner was spreading infection

SYR’s Ultimate has replaced the traditional mop, bucket and microfibre system. The benefits have been:
Water is changed less frequently, saving time and chemical
Mophead stays much cleaner so is changed less frequently, reducing laundering
Plaster is cleaned up at the first attempt
Cleaners are saving about an hour a week
Carbon footprint is reduced

John Kavanagh, operations services manager (now retired):
“There has been a reduction in our washing and it is more energy efficient because we are not using as much water, electricity and chemical.”
Margaret Charlwood, cleaning operative:
“It is much easier. One bucket will do at least two rooms and I don’t have to keep going to the bucket room to get fresh water.
“I’m also using only two heads a week, whereas before it was one per room. The washing machine used to be on three times a day, now it is once every two days.”

2. Moseley Hall Hospital
29 beds served by long, U-shaped corridor

Lack of storage space meant the Trust had switched to a disposable mopping system
Using a box of 500 disposable mopheads every couple of days, costing about £2,000 a year.

Disposable mophead system has been replaced by the Ultimate.
Microfibre mophead is laundered just once a week.

John Kavanagh, operations services manager (now retired):
“It has definitely reduced our costs... this has been a fundamental change.”