Birmingham City Council provides services for over one million people in 40 wards.

It has a wide variety of buildings to clean, both old and new, from offices to day centres, libraries to community centres.
Many of the buildings are in use by the public throughout the day so it is vital they are kept clean and safe
In many of the buildings there is limited storage space
Budgets are under constant pressure with the need to deliver real value for money

The council has been using SYR’s Rapid Mop system since early 2012. 
Rapid Mop:
Is easily stored
Uses minimum moisture, leaving floors dry and safe
Is portable and self-contained, so can quickly deal with any incidents that arise during the day

Julie Williams - Operations Manager:
“They are easy to use and maintain, and easily stored when we have limited cleaning cupboard space. They have helped in the management of budget so have been cost effective in us not buying other equipment such as mop buckets, stales and mopheads. They are easily moved from one area to another and adaptable in small and confined spaces, such as stairs. The cleaning operatives have been very happy with using the mopping system as it has saved time not filling up and carrying mop buckets and water around, which means less accidents in the buildings with wet floors, as they leave the floors fairly dry.”