2015 will be 25 years of trading for Panama Cleaning Supplies. In this time one manufacturer has stood by us through thick and thin. That manufacturer is Scot Young Research (SYR).

Their innovation in product design and constant evolution of their company over the years has helped them stand out and kept them several steps ahead of their competitors in our market. This all contributes to fresh, new products and existing ones being improved each and every year.

We have continuous and regular contact with their representative John Cook throughout the whole year, which is a rarity amongst our other manufacturers. If you ever need John, he is always on the end of the phone happy to help.

SYR’s customer support is always 100% and over the years Sue Hancox and the whole team have been there to help us with anything that we needed. Easy ordering via email makes the day-to-day running of our business run smoothly and all invoices are sent via email too, which keeps our accounts department very happy.

In recent years SYR have implemented changes to their entire delivery schedule, this has brought a more accurate and efficient experience, which helps our sales team know exactly when to expect delivery, and in turn helps us inform our customers more accurately.

SYR’s products are well designed, produced with quality goods and priced fairly and along with their innovation in design, that is what keeps our customers continuously coming back through our doors for their product. It’s fair to say that in the past some customers have gone elsewhere for products from different manufacturers, but we are pleased to report that those customers always come back to us for their favourite SYR products.

John Harrop | Panama Cleaning Supplies | Hove, East Sussex


Customers are under increased pressure to raise standards and lower costs, and the excellent training we have been given at SYR will allow us to offer our customers a cost-effective, fit-for-purpose solution. We look forward to increasing the sales and profile of both companies.

Alex Pottle | Oxford City Supplies | Oxford

Sales manager

The one thing I love with SYR is that it never matters if you have one bottle of solution or a million, you get exactly the same level of customer service. And SYR is continually progressing.

Alison Potts

Housekeeping manager

For more than 20 years I have been honoured to have had a professional relationship with Scot Young and his company.

SYR has always focused on the need for robust education and training in the cleaning industry and to this end opened a purpose-built 5,000 square feet training centre at their Midlands headquarters. There, the company is able not only to deliver first class training on their own products and systems, but to host and offer space to a wide variety of those of us who aim to deliver education and training.

Mr Young has continued throughout his more than 50-year career to invest in his workforce, priding himself on being a leader in the field of innovation and use of modern technology.

For some years SYR sponsored and supplied all the manual training equipment for the cleaning science classes at Matthew Boulton College, thus allowing many young people from all over the Birmingham area the chance to train for a professional career in the cleaning industry by learning how to use the best products, properly.

On a personal note, I would like to thankMr Young and his wife, Nicola Rhodes-Young,both of whom supported me in making the transition, after a 20 year career as a provider of college-based training, to establishing my own successful independent training and development business.

To be associated with such a high- profile brand has always been an honour and will continue to be so as my own business develops, supported by a legend and his team.

Delia Cannings | Environmental Excellence Training and Development Ltd. |Oldbury, West Midlands

We have worked with SYR for many years and it is only by partnering SYR and using the resources of Taskforce that has enabled us to develop our business and to deliver tangible benefits to our clients.

Conrad Whiteley | Yate Supplies | Yate, Bristol

Head of sales