Designing green solutions for the manual cleaning industry

From designing our products to selecting our suppliers and getting our products to customers, at SYR we take our environmental and social responsibilities seriously.

The manual cleaning industry has two major impacts on the environment ­due to its use of water and chemicals.

We need to save water

  • Worldwide, water use in the last century has increased at more than twice the rate of population growth
  • The UN estimates that by 2030 global demand for water could outstrip supply by more than 40%
  • It is the world’s most threatened essential resource
  • The UK has less available water per person than most other European countries

 We need to cut our chemical use

Chemicals have made a significant and positive contribution to our health and the quality of our environment. But overdosing is a huge problem in the cleaning industry. According to Defra, overdosing by 20% not only wastes money, it also adds 20% to all other impacts in the product’s lifecycle, including manufacture and transportation. Pollution is increased. The risk of adverse health effects is increased.

How SYR is taking action

SYR designs its equipment and chemicals to work together with less impact on the environment

  • SYR significantly reduces the amount of water needed to clean an area
  • Our unique chemicals offer a sustainable approach by reducing the amount of detergent needed
  • Our cost-effective chemicals are designed for minimal environmental impact

Clean Water Cleaning means you don’t need to keep replacing the water and detergent in your bucket. Here’s how:

  • SYR’s range of detergents utilise long-chained molecules called flocculents. Dirt particles attach to the molecules, clump together and sink to the bottom of the bucket, rather than being chemically suspended in the water. The dirt is then trapped under a grid in a sump at the bottom of the bucket where it cannot be stirred up by the mop. Independent testing shows our water remains cleaner for longer (up to 10 times cleaner following the mopping of 40m2 compared to a leading competitor)
  • Vase shaped buckets reduce the amount of water needed
  • Portion control pods fitted to every bucket ensure correct dosage without the need to read labels or dispensing charts – a foolproof, accurate dosing method that can reduce your chemical usage by a factor of 4
  • SYR detergents are designed to be kind to the user and the environment. They are non-toxic, non-flammable, non-carcinogenic and not tested on animals. Compounds degrade in the bucket so the water disposed of at the end of cleaning is harmless. Very small amounts are used – but they give very effective cleaning

What else are we doing?

  • SYR uses recycled materials where quality allows. All our moulded products include regrind plastics
  • Our biggest-selling mophead, the SYRSorb, is made from cut-off which would otherwise go to landfill
  • Our Interchange handle means you don’t throw away a perfectly good handle with the mophead
  • Our products are designed to be durable so they have less impact, from manufacture through to disposal, throughout their lifespan
  • Local suppliers are sourced wherever possible to cut mileage. Utilising bulk packaging and moving to compression technology cuts the number of containers
  • Staff are encouraged to work green. Video conferencing cuts down on travel to meetings. Energy usage is regularly reviewed and energy saving lighting has been implemented. All paper is recycled and stationery reduced. Waste disposal is being reviewed
  • We are moving towards ISO 14001 Environmental Management